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March 16th-May 18th


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Closed but still awesome
Peak Virtual Community

When the opportunity comes and we can open back up, we will move forward with changes to continue to keep everyone safe

* No loaner equipment. Please bring your own.

* Temperature will be taken at the door. If you are sick, please stay at home. 

* Clean gear and clean clothing

* Observation area will either be closed to guests or we will have very minimal seating

*Sanitizing and cleaning will be completed after every use

* Doors will open 5 minutes before class and close to disinfect immediately after

* Phase 1 will include fitness classes in small groups (5 or less)

* Phase 2 will include striking classes in small groups, minimal observation area seating

* Phase 3 will include youth striking in small groups, minimal observation area seating

* Phase 4 will include all grappling including Gi and Nogi

We will start off with drop in classes

The schedule will be modified until we are fully open