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new Woman's Self

Defense Class

Jan 20, 2018

January 20th Rumble at the Roseland 96 Roseland Theater

Saturday, January 20th

Rumble at the Roseland 96
Roseland Theater - Portland, Oregon

Feb 03, 2018

Proving Grounds BJJ

Feb 24, 2018


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Now is the time !!! Tired of your child getting bullied? Tired of your child playing video games all evening? Or just want to try it out? Have them learn a new sport where they can learn discipline, get in shape and also have fun!  KIDS MMA offered 3 days a week as part of our package. Tuesdays 430 pm (stand-up). Thursdays 430pm (ground). Fridays 4pm (MMA)  

These fantastic group of ladies chose to take matters into their own hands. They chose to add some tools into their toolbox. Peak will now begin to  offer a women's self defense class .

We will use MMA knowledge for self defense purposes. This will be a no-contact fundamental women's self defense program

Tuesdays 5:30 pm Striking

Thursdays 5:30 pm Clinch

Green Kimura
Gray Kimura
Black and yellow
Black white Cage
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