Katie Rose

August 12 ·

Peak Strong! Big shout out to Mike and Cassy Chupas! Couldn't imagine life without Peak! Being an athlete and active my whole life, you know what works for your body and what doesn't. I can't get the feeling and results I get from Peak anywhere else. I can't walk out of a regular gym completely happy and knowing I pushed myself as hard as I could. Peak on the other hand, I basically end up crawling to my car and fat man rolling out of it later!

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They push you and keep you accountable for your goals. They respect you and care for you on a personal level. Want to up your training game? Could your cardio be better? Your love handles not loving you back? Want to train with people who don't care what you look like but care about how you preform? Could you use a change of pace? Come to Peak! I dare you! 7:00pm Tuesdays & Thursday Strength and Conditioning! I'll introduce you to the next best thing since protein powder!!! 💪🏼

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