Mary's Keto Journey

Peak MMA & Fitness has been part of the Keto community. We have actively been part of this journey for 2 years. We have seen such great results in our bodies, emotions, energy level and in health screenings. (Family of 5 with three children ages 4,7 and 10) We created a Peak Keto Guide that includes 10 weeks of recipes and exact measurements. We have also created this group in hopes to support you along the way. We will be making the page public now to support more people around the world. We have decided to interview numerous people in hopes that we can help guide more people along the way in this health journey. Our choice for sponsorship dealt with eagerness, commitment, work ethic and the willingness to commit to 10 weeks. Mary Santos will be embarking on this 10 week journey. She will be sharing and tracking her progress as well as any challenges she has experiences along the way. Great job Mary! We are very excited for you and excited that you get to help others. Tune in Fridays for her videos. Check in to this group to see what she is eating. Feel free to message Cassy Chupas or Mike Chupas for more information. www.peakmmafitness.com This is her day 1 picture. More to come #keto #ketogenic #ketolife #ketosis #ketolifestyle #health #wellness #fatisgood #marysjourney #marysketojourney #teampeak #peakmmafitness

If you are interested. Visit our website. Online store to purchase our Peak Keto guide